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Pantelis Ioannides was throughout his career a top-class cyclist, with numerous successes, including the title of Greek Champion.

This experience taught him how important can the bicycle be when it comes to create and evolve the athletic and spiritual abilites. The bicycle requires continuity, stamina and power, as well as knowledge, patience and tranqullity.

Having realized to the maximum these ideals, Pantelis Ioannides decided to be one of the important links on the chain of greek cycling, by offering his experience, not only when it comes to training, but regarding equipment and know-how.


His valuable experiences from the numerous and important races he participated, are integrated in the "Panbike",
a cycling center in which the modern technology of the best brands of the world is combined with the personality of the veteran Champion, to contribute to the efforts of the professional/amateur athlete and the simple people who enjoy cycling without an athletic background, as well as to young people who will be the new "batch" of Greek cyclists.

Furthermore, "Panbike - Pantelis Ioannides" sponsored the mission of the Greek Olympic Team at the Olympic Games of Athens, since the International Kefalonia Tour was a tribute to Lambros Vasilopoulos, Dimitris Georgalis and Cleanthis Barkas. The 2005 tour will occur in honor of the historic cyclist Kanellos Kanellopoulos.

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